The online lay-a-way problem:

We all know with lay-a-way, your customer has to pay you monthly installments on the balance of their purchase until it is paid off. Once the balance is finally paid off, then they get their furniture.

The problem with this picture is, you act as the collector, and recouping your total ticket sale is contingent on your customer paying off their total balance.

We've polled numerous retailers who have offered online lay-a-way, and many said that only around 10% of their customers actually paid their online lay-a-way balance off in full. Many said online lay-a-way created an absolute headache and nightmare, resulting in collection hassles, warehousing problems and the threat of discontinued items not readily available by the time the payments are completed by the customer. With around a 90% failure rate for lay-a-way, this is clearly not the way to go!

Online lay-a-way problem
Online lay-a-way solutions

Imagine Retailer's solution to provide purchasing power to customers with little-to-no or bad credit:

We use an approach that guarantees you get paid in full within 24 to 48 hours of your customer's purchase - unlike lay-a-way that could take many months to a year - and you don't have to lift a finger to collect your money. Plus, you ship your merchandise immediately, which means you won't have to deal with warehousing problems, or the threat of an item going discontinued because the lay-a-way process takes so long.

We conveniently provide this service to by partnering with two credit companies (PayPal Bill Me Later & Crest Financial), and a lease-to-own company (FlexShopper). Once a sale is made through your Website using any of these companies, they promise to pay back in full within 24 - 48 hours, and then they accept full responsibility of collecting payments from your customer. It doesn't get any easier than that!

You sell your merchandise, get paid within a day or two, ship out your merchandise, and another company will assume the collection process from your customer! This process runs much smoother and faster than lay-a-way. Plus, it offers purchasing power to the same target demographic that lay-a-way appeals to; customers with little-to-no or bad credit.

How it works:

How it works

PayPal Bill Me Later:

Bill Me Later allows your customers to pay for their purchases without entering credit card numbers or sharing personal financial details with you. It's convenient and secure. And best of all, Bill Me Later customers get more time to pay by taking advantage of special financing programs, or by choosing to take extra time on non-promotional purchases and paying a competitive interest rate.

Fees vary depending on your sales volume and product you plan to integrate. To find out for sure, call PayPal customer service at 877-579-5975.


Crest Financial:

It's simple and easy to get your customers approved for financing from Crest through your Website. And once they're approved, they'll be provided a credit limit and coupon code to use in your shopping cart to purchase their products through your Website with their new credit limit. All of this happens immediately through your Website! No paperwork to fill out, no links to other Websites, no emails.

Here's how:

• We help you insert your Crest Financial Dealer ID into your Website's shopping cart. This creates an application page directly on your Website.

• We provide you with the text and images to place on your financing page to link to your Crest Financial Application. Click here to view the financing page.

• After the customer fills out the financing application, they'll be provided a credit limit and a coupon code straight through your Website. Click here to view a receipt of the coupon code.

• Your customer can then use this coupon code directly in your Website's shopping cart to purchase your products using their new credit limit. Click here to view how to use coupon code in shopping cart.

It's simple with Crest Financial! Get your customers immediately approved today so they can use their new credit limit in your Website's shopping cart!

To integrate your shopping cart with Crest Financial, you'll need financing through Crest. There is Zero cost to sign up for financing with Crest, and zero monthly cost moving forward, for you as the retailer.



FlexShopper is free for you to use on your Website (shopping cart needed), and will help you sell to more than 50 million potential customers with little-to-no cash and/or bad credit! When you sign up with FlexShopper, a lease to own company, and integrate them into your Website, all of your priced products will automatically show a weekly price. Your customers can purchase your items at FlexShopper's weekly price, after which FlexShopper will reimburse you for the total ticket sale within 24 to 48 hours, and then FlexShopper assumes all responsibility for collecting the weekly payments (all transactions are non-recourse).